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​3818 Teays Valley Road

Hurricane, WV 25526

(304) 760-8714

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Charleston kids Visiting our studio

   Pottery, Painting, Gallery and Classes      "Creative art for healthy living"

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Public broadcasting PBS was in Arts & Thoughts Studio to know what we do here? They sent us this You tube VDO. I am humbled and honored to share it with you. It is quite a journey, wild and wonderful- I am blessed that I discovered myself in West Virginia.

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Due to limited space, please sign up before class starts, we maintain first come first serve policy

​​ New Galley Hour: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday-12.00 am to 6:00 pm  (Except Thursday)

Friday-10am to 5pm & Saturday- 10:00 am to 2:00 pm    ​​

About Us 

Arts & Thoughts is the name of a gallery and art studio in Teays Valley, West Virginia. The owner is artist and architect Homaira Ahmed, who excels in teaching skills in pottery and painting to students. She holds both pottery & painting classes as well as Saturday workshops. Homaira emphasizes in her classes for students to open up themselves and find who they truly are through art. She also highlights that you can have fun creating art and meeting other students with similar interests.  "My perspective on art," Homaira states, "I am introducing my original art influenced by Southeast Asian and ancient ethnic art  in an innovative form." Her most popular pottery are made by carving two-colored clay and using under-glaze and stain on raw dark clay. Homaira also introduces vases and sculptures as human faces which are partly abstract and partly realism.  She is drawn by semi realism expressing her philosophical views in 2D and 3D art form.

​Homaira obtained Bachelor of Architecture from University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and BA, majoring Fine Arts, from University of Charleston, West Virginia. Clay training-Arrowmont University, Tennessee along with national and international workshops and tours. She used to work in architectural companies in Philadelphia and worked on R & D and commercial buildings.  She designed and constructed her art studio in 2010 to offer a creative art community with family and friends in the neighborhood. Homaira loves to work with children and encourages them innovative positive thinking through art. She believes in “creative art for healthy living” and childhood is the best time to plant the seeds. According to her, “I am trying to learn the hidden language by which an artist aspire as a whole in the community and as an individual.” 

by Sabah Ahmed

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